Anchored Soul – The Purpose

Blog. I guess it could also be called My Life, or All About Me, or…. too bad Myspace is already taken. As far as I know, a blog is simply a way for you to be able to share every single fact and facet about yourself, a means of communicating information that you have to share, and a place where the world can find you and have a reason to remember your name. You can talk about whatever you want as long as people will read your posts and maybe post a comment themselves every once in a while. So, you are probably expecting this blog to be no different. That’s where your wrong.

Not to try and be a “non-conformist” or anything, but I mean it when I say that I want this blog to be different. Being a follower of Christ demands that I be different (Romans 12:2). So, when I was first considering beginning a blog, one of the first things that I decided to do was write out what I have been learning in my studies of God’s Word as a testimony of the Lord’s work in my life. That may sound like I am still trying to write all about myself, but here is the difference. It may be “my” life, but it is all about God and His work within my life. I am not writing this so that I can impress people with an intense spirituality that doesn’t exist. Rather, I genuinely desire to share what God is doing in my life so I can give Him the glory. I have been told that God has blessed me with a talent in writing, so consequently I think that this would be a good use of that talent. All of that being said, I am now officially beginning my blog, Anchored Soul.


What do you think?

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