We have the hope to share…

Today I received an update email from a friend whom I recently met, and she was describing some of her experiences working in a public school in Minnesota. Her stories were surprisingly poignant, but they yet carry a message to those who have given their lives to Christ. She sadly related an episode in which she was conversing during lunch hour with a certain student whose aunt had recently passed away. After offering her sincere condolences, the student went on to casually explain, “Yeah, she had a stolen car, was on drugs, and had been drinking when she ran into the semi.” It wasn’t long before each of the  other students at the table had conveyed their own stories of relatives or friends who had died as a result of drugs, drinking, or illegal activity.

What is so incredibly sad is that this is simply normal life for these students. All they know is misery, disappointment, and hopelessness. They have no idea of the joy and the promise that comes through faith in Christ. Does this not encourage those who truly know Christ, that they have already received the gift of salvation and have the hope of eternity in glory? It certainly boosts the thankfulness in my heart toward my Savior! But it also intensifies the desire that I have to share God’s grace with those who have no hope! There are millions of people in this world who are living without any expectation of love, joy, and security. Yet Christians have all of this and more in Christ! We must show those who are lost the way to Christ, share with those in darkness the light of Truth, satisfy the thirsty with the Living Waters, give to the hopeless the promise of glory, and revive the dying with the life in salvation.


What do you think?

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