Causing His name to be remembered

*Psalm 45:17, “I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the peoples will give thanks forever and ever.”

So how many people do you know who have the kind of resolve to make the Lord known for all generations? Hardly any, as far as I’ve seen. And yes, I already know about those incredible people like David Livingstone, George Muller, Amy Carmichael, William Wilberforce, Adonirom Judson, and Jim Elliot who all gave their lives wholly to the Lord and His service. They all had faith like a rock in the God of their salvation and many of them died for the cause of Christ. But isn’t it so often that we more “moderate” Christians simply look at all the wonderful things that these people accomplished for Christ and we say, “Wow, I wish I had faith like that.” Yet, we rarely do anything about it.

The truth is, that whether we glorify Christ in our lives at all is a choice for us to make. This is setting a goal for complete sanctification and service to Christ, then persevering in its pursuit, never doubting, ever pressing forward, excelling still more. This requires so much resolve and confidence in the faithfulness of Christ, that we can boldly say, “I will cause your name to be remembered…” This is forming a very serious commitment to God, a commitment to glorify His name to such a degree that it will be unforgettable. Such is the service the God desires of His children, and such is the service that will ultimately bring Him the highest glory.


What do you think?

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