We are without excuse

Matthew 19:26, “And looking at them Jesus said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ “

This particular passage is the follow up to Jesus Christ’s astounding statement, “… it is easier for a camel  to go through the eye of  needle, then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Obviously, to us, that would be quite difficult. But it is still true that a rich man often finds his fortification and his salvation in the possession of much material wealth. A man who is so reliant on his wealth and money for his rescue from sin will most likely reject the Gospel of Christ, though it may be the one and only path to heaven and the only complete and total freedom from sin. His heart is cold, stony, and stubborn, though he has heard the Gospel a hundred times. Yet, God can still save that rich man. With God all things are possible.

My main point in this is that we, as Christians, have no excuse. We have no excuse not the proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ from the heights, even if the world hates and despises the message. Even if all of mankind threatens to kill the one who preaches the Gospel, we have no excuse not to preach anyway. Besides the fact that our own personal joy in Jesus Christ should be bursting from us, we should never be afraid nor doubtful to fulfill the command to “go therefore and make disciples of the nations.” God can change the hardest and most resistant of hearts to become soft and repentant. He can touch any stiff-necked and stubborn will and ply it to be submissive to His ways. With people, this is impossible. Always. We can do nothing apart from God. But then again, when God is at our side, when we are tools in His hands, we can do anything and everything for His glory. The whole world can be changed to follow Christ if we but forget our foolish fears and excuses and plunge ahead, pursuing Christ and preaching His word with reckless abandon.


What do you think?

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