East to West

Forgiveness in and of itself is a miracle. Coming from God, it is truly a beautiful picture of His love and an indescribable gift of grace given to us wicked and depraved sinners. The forgiveness that we can freely receive from the Father in response to our repentance is an extraordinary phenomenon that I will never be able to understand. Yet there is still one aspect of God’s grace and forgiveness of my sin which has impacted me recently because of it’s singular quality of infinity.

Psalm 103:12, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”

God has no memory of sin which has been confessed and forgiven. Not only does He mercifully forgive my repentant but sinful heart, but he takes that sin and throws it to the end of eternity. In His love and in His power, He erases permanently from the tablet of my heart that sinful action which for a time caused a breech in our spiritual relationship.

Regardless of countless times that I have dragged the name of my Lord through the muck and mire, without a thought to the way that I so eagerly steal His glory, He yet cleanses my heart of all fleshly filth and removes it from me to the limits of the universe. What a blessing and what a promise I have in Jesus Christ, to know that I can come humbly before my God and expect to have my sin removed as far as the east is from the west.

3 Responses to “East to West”
  1. For those who like music, here is an amazing song that really hammered the point home in my heart. Casting Crowns does a wonderful job explaining God’s forgiveness in their song, “East to West”. Here’s the link: http://grooveshark.com/#/s/East+To+West/3Uv596?src=5

  2. Excellent piece. I also like to meditate on God’s forgiveness as a constant reminder of why we live our lives for Him. Dwelling on His lovingkindness and mercy is one of the most pure motivations for me to praise Him. Psalm 32 is my favorite passage about forgiveness, and I hope you find it encouraging.

  3. Thank you! I finally read Psalm 32, and I found it to be a wonderful reminder of God’s unconditional forgiveness to those who repent of their sin. He is always gracious to remove our transgressions from us. Actually Psalm 32:7 has been a verse that the Lord has placed on my mind lately, and I can’t thank Him enough for it!

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