After Thanksgiving Day…..

I Thessalonians 5:16-18, “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Psalm 86:12, “I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever.”

Yes, I did wait until the day after Thanksgiving Day to write a post concerning that very thing. But I did it with a specific purpose in mind. Truthfully, I find it somewhat ironic that the whole of the United States sets aside the third Thursday of every November to find thankfulness in their hearts for the things that God has blessed them with. But then the very next day, nationally known as Black Friday, they overflow the stores and warehouse, frantically ransacking the shelves and pulling their credit cards from their pockets as they fulfill their hearts true desire – to get what they don’t have. Where has the desire to give thanks gone? Is Thanksgiving really just an excuse to indulge in a turkey dinner when no one could find the patience to wait until Christmas?

God’s Word, literally translated, speaks of giving thanks 75 times, most of these being commands from God to His children. And is it not sad, in and of itself, that we have to be commanded to give thanks, even when God has blessed us so incredibly richly, in so many ways that we do not deserve? Yet, God knew that our hearts would so easily forget His blessings – the fact that He sacrificed His very Son for our salvation, that He reached down into the lives of wretched and depraved sinners and cleansed their hearts from the filth and rebellion, that He showers His grace, mercy, and love on us so abundantly, and still gives us material blessings besides. He knew that He would have to remind us seventy-five times before we would obey this crucial command. But do we?

We have been commanded to give thanks in all things, at all times, in all places, with all people. Even our Savior Jesus Christ set before believers an example of continual thankfulness, lifting up constant prayers of praise and adoration to His Father. Our desire must be a longing to be conformed to His image in every respect. So we should spend every day of the year thanking, praising, and worshiping His for the sake of the blessings that He has showered upon us. James tells us that all good things come down from the Father of Lights. Should we not thank Him for that? So, in the midst of a country that so easily forgets the importance of thankfulness during the weekend of Thanksgiving, believers continue on with grateful hearts. We give thanks every day of the year, in all things, at all times, in all places, with all people.

One Response to “After Thanksgiving Day…..”
  1. Roz Wyton says:

    To be so young and have such insights. WoW! I love your heart. I pray your passion for Him will grow in intensity to know him and make Him known.

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