Contentment – Valley of Vision

As of late, I have been striving to grow in the area of contentment. I am learning the depths of my own sin, which so dishonors the Lord when I am proud, selfish, and ungrateful in the midst of my circumstances. Every moment in my life has been preordained by God according to His sovereign plan, and so I am striving to trust Him and acknowledge in every challenge that He brings to me in each day. But this is far from easy; it is a huge battle for me to meet every each day with complete and total peace and satisfaction in the Lord, despite the temptations to become angry, dissatisfied, anxious, etc. Praise God for friends and fellow believers in Christ! I was recently introduced to this prayer, found in the collection of Puritan prayers known as “The Valley of Vision”, by a friend who has been encouraging me as I seek to be content in the Lord. I hope that it is an encouragement to all my readers as well!

Contentment – The Valley of Vision

If I should suffer need, and go unclothed, and be in poverty, make my heart prize Thy love, know it, be constrained by it, though I be denied all blessings.

It is Thy mercy to afflict and try me with wants, for by these trials I see my sins, and desire severance from them.

Let me willingly accept misery, sorrows, temptations, and be delivered from it with gratitude to Thee, acknowledging this as the highest testimony of Thy love.

When Thy Son, Jesus, came into my soul instead of sin, He became more dear to me than sin had formerly been; His kindly rule replaced sin’s tyranny.

Teach me to believe that if ever I would have any sin subdued I must not only labour to overcome it, but must invite Christ to abide in the place of it, and he must become to me more than vile lust had been; that his sweetness, power, life may be there.

Thus I must seek a grace from Him contrary to sin, but must not claim it apart from Himself.

When I am afraid of evils to come, comfort me by showing me that in myself I am a dying, condemned wretch, but Christ I am reconciled and live; that in myself I find insufficiency and no rest, but in Christ there is satisfaction and peace; that in myself I am feeble and unable to do good, but in Christ I have ability to do all things.

Though now I have His graces in part, I shall shortly have them perfectly in that state where thou wilt show Thyself fully reconciled, and along sufficient, efficient, loving me completely, with sin abolished.

O Lord, hasten that day.

5 Responses to “Contentment – Valley of Vision”
  1. patrick says:

    Great job….i have a hard time with that one too……awesome prayer…..

  2. mixxlife says:

    Joyce Meyer has also been a great help to me as I struggled its contentment. There is a lot to be said about the words we use and the thoughts we think and how we can move into contentment by speaking over ourselves and our situations. One day, you look back and you realize how content you are and you didn’t notice when it happened. 🙂 I pray that all strongholds over your joy are broken in the name of Jesus and that you find everlasting joy and rest in The Lord as you continue on the journey He is calling you to! God bless you.

    • Sierra says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have purposed in my heart to grow in contentment, but I am definitely still learning. This Puritan prayer is just one step in the right direction. God has been so gracious to me, even as He is always. I will certainly be looking into Joyce Meyer, because I need all of the wisdom and insight that is based on God’s Word that I can get! Thank you for the suggestion. I hope the Lord blesses you continually, mixxlife!

  3. Melanie says:

    Oh, Sierra…that prayer is so beautiful. I’m walking through a season where I feel as if the Lord is seeking to teach me contentment in Himself….that I might long for Him and cry out with the psalmist “There is nothing on earth I desire besides You” (Psalm 73). What a beautiful encouragement that prayer was. Thank you for sharing it~

    Because of Christ,

    • Sierra says:

      I’m so glad that you were encouraged. And I love that passage in Psalm 73. Actually, it has been somewhat of a theme for me, particularly as I seek to be content in the Lord by His grace. I pray that the Lord will strengthen us both as we learn yearn for Him more!

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