“Oh Heart” – A Reflection

“Oh Heart”

Author Anonymous

In what, oh heart, do you find joy? Does it last eternally? What shall cause you to overflow, is it mercy, boundless free?

If you were once to skip a beat, would it be at the Savior’s voice? To hear Him call you out by name, to bask in His sovereign choice?

Or would it be His wondrous love that makes you so rejoice?

O’re what, oh heart, are you perturbed, or what vice provokes you to rise? Is it blaspheme of the Savior’s name and the devil’s hateful lies?

Is it assault of truth and denial of grace that causes you to stir? Is it needless death, theft, and rape, the criminal and the persecutor?

Do you hate the sinner’s depravity, yet unconditionally love the sinner?

For what, oh heart, do you fondly hope? Is it glory, light, and life? What gleaming prize hold’s captive your gaze? Is it the call the sacrifice?

Do your heavenly stores perpetually brim, though all earthly treasures are gone? Is it this passing life or the immortal next that you’ve set your soul upon?

How blessed is he who trusts the Lord, who travels on highways to Zion.

Are you distraught, or dearest heart, by vaporous worries or cares? Do fleeting ambitions entice you, or temptations produce despair?

Prone to wander (do you feel it?), to befriend the Father’s foe? Will you entreat the throne of mercy, be content in God alone?

His Word to fervently comply and His Son to all enthrone…

I pray, dear heart, be not overcome by worldly and fleshly lusts, but fiercely fight to ardently love the God in whom you trust

Be not conformed to former pride, let no idol or filth remain, but be sanctified, preserved complete to glorify His name

And wholly offer up your throne for Christ to rule and reign.

What do you think?

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