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Photography is one of my hobbies that I enjoy immensely whenever I get the chance. Really, its more of a feeble way for me to express my obsession with God’s gorgeous creation. Photography really is extremely inadequate, even in its most advanced form (which, I might add, you probably won’t find here) to capture the inexpressible beauty of God’s glory as seen in His creation. Still, I have sought to capture it so as to be reminded later of those moments when I was particularly overwhelmed with His glory. Anyway, you may have noticed that my posts on Anchored Soul typically feature a photo, usually of some scene from nature or landscape. The following slideshow is a collection of those photos which I have taken and posted on this blog. They are shown here for your enjoyment and for God’s glory.

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2 Responses to “Featured Photos”
  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos of our precious Lord’s creation.

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